Contents of Motoring Through the Ages: 1960s

Approximately 120 minutes  (See below for pictures)


Film 1. Motoring Life in the 1960s  (4 mins. 8 secs).

* A brief snapshot of motoring scenes from Britain, Europe and America in the 1960s.


Film 2. Motoring stories from the 1960s  (36 mins. 4 secs).

* Sci-fi like promotional film showing the launch of the latest Ford cars of 1960

* Dramatic, fast paced promotional film for the new 1960 Corvair car

* Entertaining newsreel showing the capabilities of the new Amphicar, the world’s first mass produced amphibious vehicle

* Promotional film showing the effort BMC made to launch the Mini (Austin 850) in America

* Informative documentary filmed in Britain and overseas showing the design, building and testing of the new Hillman Imp, a car which had its own factory specially built for it and which was designed to compete against the Volkswagen Beetle and the Mini in markets around the world

* Revealing film showing crash testing techniques used on British cars at the Motor Industry Research Association

* Newsreel of Donald Campbell setting a new world land speed record in Australia

* A demolition derby event in the USA

* German motor cycle stunt riders

* Novel German do-it-yourself breathalyser kit

* Newsreel showing a new high-tech way to recycle cars in Japan

* Newsreel showing how Sweden changed from driving on the right to the left in 1967 in one day

* 1967 London to Brighton veteran car run

* Selection of films showing a range of motoring innovation stories from the 1960s, including a car carrying helicopter and a multi-engined go-anywhere off-road vehicle


Film 3. Back on the road in the Anderson Special (3 mins. 36 secs).

* Film of James Anderson rebuilding his prewar Anderson Special racing car in the mid 1960s and then driving it again at speed on the road


Film 4. Motor racing in Europe in the 1960s  (9mins. 48 secs).

* German Grand Prix, 1961

            Stirling Moss in a Lotus beats American Phil Hill in a Ferrari in a close run race

* Tragedy at the Grand Prix of Italy, 1961

             World championship race leader Wolfgang von Tripps crashes and dies in a devastating accident

* Motor racing in Moscow, 1961

              Russians demonstrate their new motor racing cars in the snow on the streets of Moscow

* Motor racing on ice, 1964

               Assorted motor racing events on snow and ice across Europe

* Stock car racing at Brands Hatch, 1966

               Entertaining film of stock car drivers racing around the Brands Hatch circuit in Kent

* Motor racing at Snetterton, 1967

               Jochen Rindt beats Graham Hill in a Formula 2 in a crash laden race            

* 24 Hour Le Mans Endurance Race, 1967

               A J Foyt and Dan Gurney became the first American team in an American car to win at Le Mans

* Monza International Motor Race, 1967

                Ferrari are first and second at Monza

* Grand Prix of France, 1967

                 Jochen Rindt beats Jim Clark, Jack Brabham and Graham Hill at Rouen


Film 5. Motor racing in America in the 1960s   (9 mins. 57 secs).

* The return of the Vanderbilt Cup Race, New York, 1960

                 America's oldest motor racing event is rerun in Long Island, New York

* Tragedy at the Indianapolis 500, 1964

                 An horrific accident and fire causes mayhem and death in a devastating tragedy at Indianapolis

* Motor racing at the Riverside (California) race track, 1966

                 Dan Gurney becomes a four times winner at the punishing Riverside course

* Motor racing at Trenton (New Jersey), 1966

                  Roger Ward wins the race in a Lola in a rain-affected race

* Watkins Glen Grand Prix, 1967

                  Jim Clark beats fellow Briton Graham Hill at the US Grand Prix

* Pre race preparation, followed by the conclusion of the Indianapolis 500, 1967

                  Fascinating preview of the pre-race preparation, plus the race itself


Film 6. Classic 1960s TV commercials  (3 mins. 21 secs).

* VW Beetle

* Goodyear Tyres

* American Rambler


Film 7. 1960s Motor Shows  (4 mins)

* 1960 New York Auto Show

* 1965 London Motor Show

* 1966 New York Auto Show

* 1967 Custom Car Show


Film 8. Experimental and concept cars of the 1960s  (4 mins. 22 secs).

*A brief look at some of the advanced designs of the latest concept and experimental cars of the 1960s.


Film 9. Major documentary telling the story of how American Craig Breedlove built a new "rocket" car in 1963 and then broke the world land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats (29 mins. 56 secs).


Film 10. Modern profiles of 1960s classic cars (8 mins. 15 secs).

*Contemporary profiles of two classic 1960s British cars: the Minor Million (Britain’s first million selling motor car) and the e-type Jaguar, one of the world’s most popular sports cars ever.


Selection of actual images from the Motoring Through the Ages: 1960s DVD


The Mini goes to America


Ford launches its new saloons


Heavy snow causes road chaos


The launch of the Amphicar


Developing the Hillman Imp


Crash testing new British cars


London to Brighton car run


Motor racing in Moscow


Motor racing at Snetterton


Donald Campbell's Bluebird


Stirling Moss in action


1960s concept cars


Severe fire at the Indy 500


World land speed record car


Major motor shows


French stunt drivers

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