Contents of Motoring Through the Ages: 1940s

Approximately 110 minutes.  (See pictures below)


Film 1. Motoring Through the War 24 mins. 34 secs.

With World War 2 dominating life in Europe at the beginning of the 1940s, car production had been put on hold and the only films being made at the time were showing the impact the war was having, with one of the hard-hitting war film from London shown here. In America, by contrast, car production continued into the early 1940s and a couple of promotional films are shown featuring the latest Ford and Oldsmobile models. Further wartime films follow, including car factories switching to making armaments, a film showing experimental amphibious craft being tested in the water and on land, the Daimler Scout car undergone tests at a major proving grounds, early test films for the new American scout car (Jeep), a documentary profile of the Jeep in action around the world, plus wartime government promotional posters which urge motorists to use their cars sparingly.


Film 2. End of the war and the Golden Anniversary of the motor car. 3 mins. 8 secs.

Films showing motor car parades and other celebrations to mark the end of World War 2. Following, is a selection of films showing car enthusiasts displaying and driving some of the earliest cars ever made as part of the celebrations for the Golden Anniversary of the automobile in 1946.


Film 3. New cars for the postwar era. 12 mins. 39 secs.

Selection of films showing an assortment of new cars being built and demonstrated in the immediate post war era in America, Europe and Soviet Russia.


Film 4 Road safety in the 1940s 6 mins. 40 secs.

Dramatic American documentary from the late 1940s showing the importance of using the best tyres on your car to minimise the chances of skidding or having a serious accident, plus the consequences of driving with poor tyres.


Film 5. Flying cars for the postwar era. 2 mins.

Two short films featuring novel "flying" cars in action.


Film 6. Hitch hiking in the late 1940s 3 mins. 24 secs.

Two entertaining late 1940s films showing different aspects of hitch hiking at the time.


Film 7. Postwar motor racing 14 mins. 30 secs.

Selection of postwar motor racing films from America and Europe, including stock car racing at Daytona Beach, Florida, the 1947 Indianapolis 500, the first ever road races at Watkins Glen, the first Silverstone Grand Prix (1948) and amateur drivers enjoying challenging trialling events in Britain.


Film 8. Selection of classic 1940s cinema and TV commercials 3 mins. 49 secs.

Entertaining American car commercials which were made for movie theatres and early television audiences.


Film 9. Documentary film showing Ford factories around the world in 1948

30 mins. 36 secs.

Major documentary film which shows how the Ford company redeveloped after the war and quickly began to make new cars in its many factories around the world.


Film 10. Modern profiles of classic 1940s cars 7 mins. 47 secs.

Revealing contemporary profiles of two 1940s classic cars: the MG TC and the Jaguar Mark V 3 positioned drophead.


Selection of actual images from the Motoring Through the Ages: 1940s DVD


City streets damaged by war


Military trucks on English roads


New early 1940s American cars


Amphibious vehicles on test


Testing the new Jeep


The Jeep at war


Daimler Scout car in action

Wartime car sharing campaign


Golden Anniversary of the car


Small cars for post-war era


Novel cars for times of austerity


1940s "flying cars" in action


Russian luxury cars being built


New Volkswagen in production


Slick 1940s car marketing

Launch of the Jaguar XK120

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