Contents of Motoring Through the Ages: 1950s

Approximately 120 minutes.   (See below for pictures) 



Film 1. Motoring stories from the 1950s   16 mins 9 secs

* Brief highlights of the end of the 1950 Daily Express 1000 mile Rally of Britain

* A new "flying car" is demonstrated in America

* Major "Goldie" Gardner sets new land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats

* Jeep enthusiasts have fun in their vehicles off the beaten track

* MG enthusiasts attend a rally on the banks of the River Clyde in Scotland

* Fashion models and new Jaguar sports cars at New York Jaguar show

* A unique double torpedo shaped race car is demonstrated in Italy

* An entertaining stunt show on French roads

* An entertaining American stunt car show

* New Triumph TR3 cars at Heathrow Airport and on London roads, 1958

* Launch of the Mini, 1959

Film 2. Car production, sales and marketing in the 1950s  13 mins 5 secs

Films showing cars being built in the 1950s; celebration for the one millionth Volkswagen (Beetle); the success of British sports cars in America, including action footage of a range of British sports cars racing up Mount Washington; and an American salesman demonstrating the special features of a new 1953 Chevrolet car.


Film 3. Concept, dream and experimental cars and technological innovation  20 mins

Demonstration of a new futuristic "drive by wire" car; films showing a range of American concept and dream cars; an advanced Jeep being demonstrated by the US military; film of the new American MUTT being demonstrated by the US Army, plus a film of a revolutionary "air car". Newsreel of Rover’s jet propelled car being tested at speed and brief film of a very advanced French electric car.


Film 4. Motor racing in Europe in the 1950s   9 mins 26 secs

* Stirling Moss and other young race drivers compete at Brands Hatch, 1950
* Monaco Grand Prix, 1956
* French stock car racing, 1956
* Le Mans 24 hour endurance race, 1957
* Tragedy at Belgium Grand Prix, 1958
* Monte Carlo Rally, 1959
* Grand Prix of Germany, 1959
* Le Mans 24 hour endurance race, 1959  

Film 5. Motor racing in America in the 1950s  6 mins 9 secs

* Sports car road race, New York, 1952

* Indianapolis 500, 1952

* Stock car racing at Daytona Beach, 1952

* Racing in the snow, New Hampshire, 1954

* Indianapolis 500, 1959


Film 6. 1959 US National Hot Rod Championships  7 mins 2 secs

Colourful all-action film of hot-rodders from across America racing competing at the US national championships


Film 7. 1950s Motor Shows  5 mins 44 secs

* British Motor Show in New York City, 1950

* New York Motor Sports Show, 1953

* Paris Motor Show, 1955

* Chicago Auto Show, 1958

* New York Auto Show, 1959

* London Motor Show, 1959


Film 8. Classic 1950s TV commercials  4 mins 44 secs

Volkswagen Beetle

Renault Dauphine

1959 Chevrolet


Film 9. Major documentary featuring race driver David Ash taking his new MGA car to the 1957 Sebring Grand Prix of Endurance race which was won by Juan Manuel Fangio and Jean Behra   25 mins 4 secs


Film 10. Modern profiles of classic 1950s cars   7 mins 28 secs

Revealing modern day profiles of two 1950s classic cars: a Triumph TR2 and a working Series 1 Land Rover


Selection of actual images from the Motoring Through the Ages: 1950s DVD

English classic car show

"Flying car" on the road

1950s Jaguar showroom

Car stunt show


Triumph cars at Heathrow


Major motor shows


Futuristic concept cars


Motor racing in Florida


Monaco Grand Prix


Sports cars road racing


Demonstration of the "Air Car"


Launch of the Mini


Concept cars demonstrated


US Hot Rod Championships


Car production


Luxury cars for export

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